Finding one Quote

Within my finished script I quote Dr Fredric Wertham’s 1954 book ‘The Seduction of the Innocent’, whilst I had seen many sources claim that he refers to ‘Wonder Women’ as the Lesbian variant of Batman, none of these sources actually state on what page its written, so naturally I read the book up to page 192 (taking me 4 hours) […]

Finally Making my Website Look Nice

Over the course of this course I’ve never put in a lot of work to make my website look nice, but I don’t know if its the crushing pressure from the FMP or just a random urge for tidiness, but today I took great leaps toward making my website look a lot nicer than it was. I’ve decluttered the ‘Top […]


So, I haven’t been massively productive over the past two weeks, I only started being really productive on the 7th of May where I started my script work and prior to that had only really done my research paper. My ‘work cycle’ is weird sometimes I can’t work at all and other times I can do two weeks worth of […]