Finding one Quote

Within my finished script I quote Dr Fredric Wertham’s 1954 book ‘The Seduction of the Innocent’, whilst I had seen many sources claim that he refers to ‘Wonder Women’ as the Lesbian variant of Batman, none of these sources actually state on what page its written, so naturally I read the book up to page 192 (taking me 4 hours) […]

Finally Making my Website Look Nice

Over the course of this course I’ve never put in a lot of work to make my website look nice, but I don’t know if its the crushing pressure from the FMP or just a random urge for tidiness, but today I took great leaps toward making my website look a lot nicer than it was. I’ve decluttered the ‘Top […]


So, I haven’t been massively productive over the past two weeks, I only started being really productive on the 7th of May where I started my script work and prior to that had only really done my research paper. My ‘work cycle’ is weird sometimes I can’t work at all and other times I can do two weeks worth of […]

Todays Lessons

Nargess: In Nargess’s lesson we talked about a ‘Shooting Script’ for news programs, and I find it weird that you have to mark time by seconds in the ‘0000’ format, so one minute will be ‘0060’ and 3hrs and 16 minutes would be ‘117600’ which sucks for me because Im bad at mental maths. Atilla: In Attila’s lesson we Talked […]

Covid and Online Learning

In all honesty I forgot that my website exists and I think I know why, this coarse doesn’t feel like we’re doing anything, sure we are being assigned projects and there are lessons but because they’re all theory I haven’t had the motivation to do anything, it just feels like we’re on constant standby just waiting until the coarse ‘actually’ […]

Fliming an Adaptation-Nargess

Two weeks ago we where given a project by our teacher Nargess, we had to plan and film an adaptation of a scene from ‘Emma’ we where given almost two weeks to plan for it in groups of three but my group and another group decided to work together as we thought we couldn’t make a good project in groups […]

Silent Movies/General Update

I class we’ve been looking at silent movies namely “Battleships”(1925) and Charlie Chaplin’s “Circus” have been used as examples to study or examine. We have learnt about the camera angles used in Silent movies, which primarily consists of full static shots, the camera never zooms in or moves without a cut. The actors in silent films also had to over […]