Final Major Project Proposal


In my almost two years on the Creative Media TV and Film Course I’ve learnt a lot about the creative process behind the planning and recording of video media along with a better understanding of the structure of the workplaces I hope to be a part of. Much of what I learnt in my first year of this course was based in the pre-production aspect of the Film/Show making process, which at the time I admit I found tidus but in retrospect it made the second year of the course (Which due to the restrictions brought about by Covid) is far more based in theory and preproduction far more smooth when it came to the production aspect as when it came to filming on a unit the groups I worked in and myself were far more efficient, and capable of making better products. The only issue I have is that I don’t have one particular area of media production that I wish to pursue, but I did enjoy making my Unit 4 project (The Podcast) significantly more than other units. 

Project Concept: 

Due to how enthusiastic I was about Unit 4 I’ve decided to do something else along similar lines for my Final Major Project, this being a documentary/podcast on the differences between ‘Villains’ and ‘Super Villains’. This idea came to me when I was having a casual discussion about the 2010 Dreamworks Film ‘Megamind’. 

I hope to distinguish the differences between a ‘Villain’ and ‘Super Villain’ by highlighting the differences in; motivations, personality, design and presentation. I have given some thought as to which ‘Villains’ and ‘Super Villains’ i’ll be using as examples within my Final Major Project, I thought it would be appropriate to use the ‘Villains’ and Super Villains’ from ‘Megamind’ as it was the inspiration for this peace, as for others I’ll have to do more research to find more appropriate examples. 

 The style of documentary that this project demands allows me to better work around the current and potential future restrictions of Covid 19, with being able to do the vast amount of my research from home with the only issue may be if I decide to interview people for my project. Aside from that issue I don’t see any major roadblocks in the way of this project. I will also be doing the voice acting myself as I want this final project to have a personal touch to it.  


Throughout the preproduction, production and postproduction I will keep a blog on my progress, plans and any problems that may arise during the course of the creative process. I also hope that the script writing process will be throughout the research process as well as the pre production process, I’m choosing to this as I believe that the script is an incredibly valuable part of this project, as I want it to properly distinguish exactly what makes the difference between ‘Villain’ and ‘Super Villain’ along with it being entertaining and having a natural flow to the video as a whole. 

When it come to interviews (If I decide to have them) I need to be organised for it and properly layout exactly what i’m going to ask, I also need to make sure I interview more people than I need to as to make sure that if something goes wrong in one interviews I don’t have to rework the script/storyboard.