Fliming an Adaptation-Nargess

Two weeks ago we where given a project by our teacher Nargess, we had to plan and film an adaptation of a scene from ‘Emma’ we where given almost two weeks to plan for it in groups of three but my group and another group decided to work together as we thought we couldn’t make a good project in groups of three, however when we got into college we where told we couldn’t work as a group of six and where split back into two groups.

The issue of this was that we had both planned for six crew members and it’s very hard to shoot a project that needs two actors when we where only aloud to work in groups of three meaning we couldn’t do sound properly, this was made even more problematic when Nargess told us we only had 30 minutes to film and we didn’t have anywhere to film or any equipment pre-booked. We did end up filming outside, which meant we where interrupted a lot by cars.

We where given a reason as to why we couldn’t work in a group of six which was as follows:

“It’s rude of you to go behind my back” and “It’s not fair for the other group”

This ‘Other group’ was a group of four and hadn’t planned anything for the project, meaning it was unfair anyway.

We might re-film it, as what we made doesn’t represent what we are capable of given enough time to film.