Image Enhancement Practice

A little while ago I had a lesson where we took photos and then used Photoshop to enhance and alter the image we had with a verity of filters and effects.

This was the original image that I took.

This is the same image but with the contrast lowered to make it black and white.

For this version i used the blur tool to make a section of the image blurred.

In this version I put the image on two layers, on the bottom layer I left the image as it was, on the second layer I made the image black and white and using the eraser tool I removed all of the non-grass parts.

With this version I altered the Hue and Saturation to make the grass red and the background foliage purple.

For this image I put on the ‘Cool’ filter to make it look colder.

I did a similar thing with this image that I did with the previous image but instead of the ‘Cool’ filter I used the ‘Warm’ filter.

In this variation I altered the white balance to make the image have a purple tint to it.

For this version I lowered the exposure of the image to enhance the dark areas of the image.

With this one I overlayed an image as a pattern and made it so that only the parts outside of the pattern are in colour.