Tests for the voice I want to use for my FMP:

Test One
Test Two
Test Three
Test Four

Out of all of these I think I like Three the most, I think I’ll use that one.

When I finished the recording I immediately started work on the editing as the style I wish to emulate requires a substantial amount of editing work, below is my timeline from the first two minutes of the project.

(put timeline of first 2 mins here)

One issue I had with first edit (seen below) was that I thought the text wasn’t lively enough.

So I re-edited it to be more ‘alive’

I hope to maintain this quality throughout the whole eight minutes.

I wasn’t able to maintain the same level of quality due to time constraints, which whilst I am sad about this I wouldn’t have been able to finish my project without this drop in quality.

Below is my finished projects editing timeline

It took four and a half days straight of editing to complete.