Unit 9

Colour/Mono Selfie:

This first photo is quite warm in its colours, but isn’t very welcoming in my expression (I don’t like to take selfies). The lack of an interesting background makes you focus on my face (despite my better judgement)

The black and white version doesn’t really take away from the image in my opinion, instead I would argue that it adds more. Tapping into the previously on the surface sadness and giving my eyes a more empty look to them, like there’s nothing behind them, just void. The shadows are also significantly more prominent, making the image more extreme, if that wording makes any sense.

Photographer research: Robert Capa

We were tasked with doing research on one of four black and white photographers, I decided to go with Robert Capa as I really enjoy war based/inspired arts.

The photographs of Capa’s that I’m focusing on (His war photography) are all ‘in the moment’ which I believe makes them even more remarkable as all of his photographer feel even so much more real because of it. The contrast in his photographs lends to the unpredictable and almost bipolar nature of war, capturing the calm and frantic back to back.

Themes of duality is something I’ve always really enjoyed in all forms of media and it was very refreshing to find that photography can also spike this weird fascination of mine.

The Production

There wasn’t much in terms of preproduction for our black and white short film as we weren’t given much time to plan it out, but what we did was spit ball ideas for 10 or so minutes. We (Gareth, Adam, Ellie, Charlie, Harley and myself) landed on ‘Musical Chairs’ mixed with slapstick comedy, were in Harley and myself would circle around a chair for a short while and then I would go to sit on the chair and Harley would pull it out from under me.


  • Gareth: Director/Camera Operator
  • Adam: Lighting
  • Ellie: Actor/Assistant Camera
  • Charlie: Actor
  • Harley: Actor/Writer
  • Jack: Actor/Writer

Below is the finished Edit