The Script Making

In my mind the script is the most important part of the final project as a good script will best show my research and passion for this topic, not only that but it will also help to define the ‘feel’ of my ‘documentary’ as the more I think about it the more I want to do a modern version of a documentary, known as a “Video Essay”.

Video essays are a type of video commonly found on YouTube there is one particular YouTube channel that comes to my mind when I think of video essays, ‘Leonardo Da Sidic’ and his series ‘Sidcourse’ (example below).

With my project I wish to do my own take on the video essay genre, but still keep to the relaxed low energy approach that many take to the video essay genre with, but I do want to throw in jokes here and there to keep the mood lighter, one such example is ‘The Sin Squads’ “Lego Batman’s Subversive Qu33rcoding” (as seen below) but maybe more of a balance between ‘Lenardo Da Sidic’ ans ‘The Sin Squad’.

Script Flow Idea:

  • Introduction (opening statement)
  • Explaining what villains are (lead into next ‘part’)
  • Beloved villains and why (hint into next ‘part’)
  • Queer coding (lead into next ‘part’)
  • Presentation and Showmanship
  • Summery/end

Above was my first idea as to how I wanted my script to ‘flow’ but after some reflection I’m considering removing the ‘Introduction’ segment and instead go straight into ‘Explaining Villains’ or maybe I’ll just cut the Introduction very short.

I’ve also realised that my research paper somewhat serves as a beta version of my script, and I may end up taking lines from it, especially in the ‘explaining what Villains are’ segment, as my first draft of script is no where near as good. (as compared below)

From My Research Paper
From My Script Draft

I may end up taking parts from my research paper and altering them to be better fitting with the ‘Video Essay’ I’m creating.