Unit 10

Unit 10 is a Live TV news program, obviously it wasn’t actually live on TV, but I did get a rememberable taste of what being on live news would be like.


My group 90%Bloopers+Charlie (aka, Gareth, Harley, Ellie, Adam and Myself) first started by discussing what we could do to make our production stand out, prior to this we had been talking about DnD (Dungeons and Dragons) so we decided to do a DnD themed news show. Below are some written ideas we put together.

Soon after the roles where established:

The Roles:

  • Adam: Tri-Cast system operator/Graphic Design/Director
  • Gareth: Producer/Dnd Knowledge Bank
  • Ellie: Camera/Stage Manager/Actor
  • Harley: Writer/Auto-Queue operator/Actor/Editor
  • Charlie: Camera/Director/Writer/Editor/Actor/Composer
  • Jack: Actor/Costume Design/Editor

Once we had a better idea as to who was doing what we started to put together a stronger idea of what we wanted, as seen below


We had one week to film everything for this project, it was stressful but we all got our parts done perfectly and everything that needed to be filmed was filmed and everything that we needed to be edited prior to the day of the live news was finished and ready to go for the day.

Below is the finished project in its entirety